10 Signs of Imposter Syndrome

When someone compliments you on your work, do you think: “Gosh, that was so easy; I guess they don’t really know what was involved?”

Do you worry that people might not want to work with you, if they REALLY knew you?

Do you constantly aim to project an air of competence and confidence, while on the inside you often feel anxious, tense and not-at-all confident?

If this is you, then you are suffering from what’s often called Imposter Syndrome.  This afflicts talented, high-performing people at ALL levels of success!  You so question your abilities and value that you discount others’ praise of yourself.  You never feel truly satisfied with the quality of your work.  You question what you’ve achieved and whether you truly merit your success.

It’s a hard way to live.  I’ve been there, and I still visit here some days.
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Your Growth Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone


Do you have a big goal this year?  To attract more clients and earn more income?  To recruit more team members?  To move up one level in your direct selling company?

Yet when you look at what you actually spent your time doing in the last week or month, are you still doing the same activities you did last year?

If you are, you’re going to receive the same results as last year.

I see this all the time in my coaching work with clients.  You want big results, yet your daily activities create small results.  There’s a disconnect between your goal and your actions.

It’s frustrating.  You’re so clear about what you want!  You ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY want to advance in your company, or create more income, or have more impact in the world!  So what’s getting in your way?

You’re choosing low-value, low-impact activities over high-value, high-impact activities.

In YOUR business, what your high-value high-impact activities (aka Income-Producing Activities)?  When you do these activities, you KNOW your business will grow as a result. 

For most businesses, high-value high-impact activities include:
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3 Signs of Perfectionism

Before you take action, is it important for you to feel REALLY confident about exactly what you want to achieve, and to have a detailed plan to help you get there?

Do you spend countless hours analyzing options and asking yourself what are the risks associated with each option?

And yet despite all that time you spend in analysis, do you often find it hard to identify the BEST option for action?  Which means you haven’t moved at all, despite all the hours of analysis?

These habits are all signs of perfectionism.  They keep you stuck at a low level of success and income in your business.  These habits mean you’re not being consistent in your marketing/recruiting, you’re not attracting more clients or team members, and you’re not making more money.

Here are 3 signs that you’re a perfectionist, along with the ways these stunt your business’s growth.
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Are other people sucking up your time?

girlonredphoneDo you ever have calls with a prospect or team member or client, where they take control of the call and you don’t even get to say what’s on your mind?

Do you find your calls or meetings often go long and take up way more time than you originally scheduled?

Does your day get filled with tasks that other people want you to do, and your income-producing activities don’t happen?

If this is you:
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5 Qualities of Work That Makes Your Heart Sing!

Guess how many people hate their job?

It’s about 25%, according a Gallup poll I saw cited in Why We Work by Barry Schwartz (TED Books, 2015).

This poll surveyed over 200K people in 142 countries, asking them how they felt about their work.  The results?

  • Only 13% felt fully engaged at work.
  • The majority, 63%, were not engaged; they had mentally checked out.
  • About 25% hated their job.

If you’re an aligned entrepreneur, you fall into that minority – just 13% – who find your work engaging.

The more you understand and cultivate these 5 qualities that lead to true engagement, the happier and more productive you’ll be. 
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Louder Than Words


I love words.  Yet people derive 60% – 80% of our meaning (our intentional meaning or our unintentional meaning) through something OTHER than our words!

I found this book very insightful:  Louder than Words: Take Your Career from Average to Exceptional with the Hidden Power of Nonverbal Intelligence by Joe Navarro (FBI Special Agent ret.) with Toni Sciarra Poynter. Harper Collins, New York, NY, 2010. Author Joe Navarro describes the many ways we send messages: through our attitudes, our clothes, our body language, our manners, and more.

Here is one tidbit from this book that will help you in all your relationships, and particularly in your sales conversations.  If this resonates with you, you’ll probably enjoy the rest of the book.  I loved the diagrams of body positions and their associated meanings.
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Feeling Stuck? Signs and Symptoms of a Mindset Slump

breakthrough wall


If you’ve been feeling stuck in your business, like you’re on a plateau and you can’t quite get off, then you’re likely experiencing some mindset issues. That means that your thoughts and feelings are preventing you from taking action.

This is so important to recognize, in order to take the right action. Here’s what a mindset problem can look like.

  1. You tolerate too much and your vision is small.

For example, you tolerate crap. You put up with a messy office, a door that doesn’t shut tight, or a computer/phone/other technology that doesn’t work well. You tolerate people being late for calls or meetings with you. People push your boundaries/expectations and you let them do that. Those are all examples of tolerating the crap.
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3 Ways Lifelong Learning Can Slow Down Your Business

I’m a big believer in the power of understanding your strengths and relying on them in your business.

It gives you more confidence, you feel more authentic. That authenticity and confidence helps you feel more at ease in your business, especially in your selling conversations.

One strength I see in myself and in my community: lifelong learning. My community is full of women who love learning new things.

If you look at your bedside table or coffee table, is it full of self-help books, books on spirituality, or building your business? If that’s you, then most likely you too are a LIFELONG LEARNER.

There are lots to benefits to being a lifelong learner AND in some ways it can decrease your effectiveness in your business. (You’ll find videos to help you increase your effectiveness as a learner and entrepreneur at http://marcystahl.com/blog )

Here are 3 ways your love of learning can interfere with your business growth.
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Testimonials and the Power of Social Proof

Interested in a F.REE, easy-to-create marketing technique?  One that is highly effective WHENEVER your prospects see it?

This is a technique you see every day when you’re online, when you’re watching home shopping channels on TV, and when you’re reading print ads.  Every major marketer uses this to the maximum extent possible.

What is this amazingly effective, f.ree tool that all the big marketers use?


At this point, you may be thinking: Yeah, yeah, testimonials are nice to have, but they’re not really THAT important.  WRONG!

Here’s why testimonials are CRITICAL for your business.

Customer-Trust-Loyalty-Confidence TilesWhen your prospects are trying to figure out what to do, they look at what other people are doing.  Testimonials show them what other people (meaning, your past clients/team members) have done and how satisfied those other people are.

Testimonials get their power from social proof.  Robert Cialdini is a major academic researcher on social proof, describing it as  “…one important means that people use to decide what to believe or how to act in a situation is to look at what other people are believing or doing there….[This] can be used to stimulate a person’s compliance with a request by informing the person that many other individuals (the more, the better) are or have been complying with it.” p. 139 Influence: Science and Practice, Robert B. Cialdini, 2009, Pearson Education.

Here are three important points about social proof:
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How Your Authenticity Affects Your Business Results

Authenticity is often discussed and seldom defined. What does being authentic mean?

In my last ezine, I shared some of the elements of your authentic life.

How many of these apply to your current life?

Elements of an Authentic Life

1. You know your values and live in accordance with them. When you do things that are opposite to your values or even slightly not aligned, you start to feel uncomfortable.

2. You know your strengths. You engage in work and activities that let you use and enjoy your strengths.

3. You spend a lot of time with your like-minded people. Your choices about where you spend your time (work, socializing, spiritually) tend to put you in touch with like-minded people who value what you value.

4. You are working in the service of something bigger than yourself. When you’re living your authentic life, you’re generally engaged in work that supports other people.

Feelings You Experience

More confidence. You feel more expert at what you do. The alignment between your values and your actions gives you inner certainty.

More clarity on your decisions, with less second-guessing.

More satisfaction and significance. You see that you’re making a difference; your efforts contribute to something bigger.
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