End-of-Year Review Workshop

for Entrepreneurs

Analyze, Learn, Move Forward with a Plan to THRIVE in 2021  

Ready to turn the page on 2020?

Hold on!  Whether you grew or struggled (or both!) in 2020, there are PLENTY of lessons to pull out.

But if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you won’t take time to reflect on your 2020.

Instead, you’ll keep doing EXACTLY the same thing.  Will the status quo be enough for you to make more money & impact in 2021?

I’ve learned through 12 years of coaching and 20+ years as an entrepreneur that it’s essential to PAUSE and REFLECT on your business.

You must slow down and look at your business STRATEGICALLY, from a big-picture perspective, to see how you can:

  1.  uplevel your business in 2021 and
  2.  go BEYOND making a living, into being HAPPY, fulfilled AND well-paid.

If you DON’T take time for this review, you’re likely to feel like you’re on a treadmill, crossing off your to-do items over and over, instead of your work feeling like a joyful practice that allows you to be at your best!

How would it feel to close out 2020 and move through 2021 by:

  • Assessing where you need to pivot, and where to hold steady

  • Celebrating your biggest accomplishments of the year (and yes, you do have them!)?

  • Getting clear on what marketing attracted great clients and what didn’t work so well?

  • Feeling confident about the specific results your clients received from working with you?

Join me for a transformational workshop where I’ll help you:

  • Pull the golden wisdom out of a very disruptive year

  • Get CLEAR on what is attracting people to you and the RESULTS.  We’ll  analyze your client history & marketing results.

  • Integrate and CELEBRATE what you have accomplished in 2020

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Virtual (Phone/Zoom)

Thurs Jan 14
1pm-3pm Eastern
(noon CT, 11am MT, 10am PT)

You may have considered an end-of-year review in the past, but didn’t do it.  Maybe you weren’t sure WHAT to review, or maybe you didn’t make the TIME to actually do it.

Let’s make it SUPER-EASY, so you can get this DONE! 

    1. Register for the virtual Zoom workshop
    2. I’ll immediately email you preparation for the workshop: the specific data for you to review, the questions for you to answer. You’ll do the review and prep before our time together.

**Can’t get it done before the workshop?  You’ll still benefit from the workshop.  I’m confident you have a lot of this wisdom inside you – I help you get it OUT so you can analyze it.

Business Women High Fiving

You will have CLARITY on what you want to continue in 2021, what you want to leave behind, and how your business can make you even happier in 2021!

You will move through 2021 feeling more PEACEFUL, CLEAR and INTENTIONAL than ever before!

Register Now

Virtual (Phone/Zoom)

Thurs Jan 14
1pm-3pm Eastern
(noon CT, 11am MT, 10am PT)

Here’s how this worked for previous participants:

Marcy’s workshop helped me get more clear on how much I have to celebrate, and pause to enjoy my accomplishments.   I was able to celebrate how much I truly did accomplish last year.  I also got clear on where my clients came from last year, and who was ideal and who wasn’t quite ideal. 

Without this workshop, I’d be looking back at last year and feeling like there was no progression from the previous year. 

I had a lot of personal things to celebrate and found that I don’t take the time to actually celebrate those things, because my mind is always on numbers with my business.”

– Jessica Cole-Osborne, Owner, Brightway Insurance Agency, Raleigh NC

“This workshop helped me navigate the waters and get really clear about what I need to do in order to make 2020 a success. 

It brought up some really big emotions and ground down into my why in a  way I would never have been able to do on my own.

If I had not participated in this workshop, I’d still be confused/uncertain about where my clients are coming from and how I managed to find them.  Also would be uncertain about how to navigate the waters in regards to knowing what is important and what to say yes to in order to progress my mission and why.

I’d look back at last year and be feeling defeated and like it was a completely wasted year.  I know in my heart it is not!”

– Katelyn Guild, Founder, and Photographer at Katelyn Scott LLC, Raleigh, NC

“I am so glad I was able to participate in Marcy Stahl’s Looking Back and Looking Ahead workshop! Marcy’s insights never fail to awaken me to areas in my business which are in need of my attention. Her gentle and encouraging style are the sugar to help this absolutely essential medicine go down. I owe all of the recent leaps I’ve been able to take with my business to Marcy Stahl. Can’t go wrong with her.”

– Roland Tec, Playwright, Filmmaker, and Educator

“This workshop was totally helpful.  Marcy is great at keeping things simple while breaking it down in steps that make sense!  It was also a great jump start to putting my 2018 goals into place.

It was a great look at what worked and what didn’t work in 2017.  Now I can focus on what DOES work in 2018.

I was not as prepared (homework) as I could have been but it all worked out and was still very valuable.

If someone is having trouble getting out of their head and on paper this is a great workshop!  It’s also great because it gets you started!  And I look forward to my continued work with Marcy to keep it moving forward.”

– Ronica VanGelder, owner Ronica’s Custom Creations

Register Now

Virtual (Phone/Zoom)

Thurs Jan 14
1pm-3pm Eastern
(noon CT, 11am MT, 10am PT)

You’re not here to struggle in your business, or feel discouraged or overwhelmed by it.

I believe that your highest business goal of your work is to deliver amazing results to incredible clients and be well-paid.

I’m confident this process is one essential step to help you move even more deeply into that vision.