How to Contact Marcy Stahl

Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope you’ve found some useful information and checked out the “Free Resources” page.

If you feel like your challenges and goals are a good match with my services, let’s explore working together.

You can contact me to set up an initial complementary 30-min. consultation.  We’ll set up a 30-minute phone call, at a time that is convenient for you.

The complementary session is right for you if:

  • You’re committed to growing your direct sales business,
  • You’re prepared to spend time and money to achieve that,
  • You believe that coaching may be right for you, and
  • You’re ready to try something new.

I help leaders like you achieve more success, and I’d like to help you.

During that 30-min. consultation, I’ll ask you about your top 2-3 goals, we’ll share some insights, and probe what makes sense for you to do as next steps.  If we both agree we’re a good fit, we can continue the discussion about next steps in working together (that information is also available on my Services and Programs page).  You are never under any obligation to hire me as a result of this.

I also love to hear from you about:

  • Requests for my complementary training sessions for your direct sales teams, for teams in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area
  • Your challenges in growing or maintaining your direct sales team
  • Direct sales web sites, books, or other resources you rely on
  • Your feedback on this web site
  • Any questions you have.

To contact me

Please email me using the form below.  Using a form helps me avoid spam.

Privacy policy.  Your contact information will be used only to get back in touch with you about your specific request.  I will not add you to my newsletter as a result of this (if you want to join my newsletter, see box at top of page).  I will never share or sell your contact information.