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I do free short talks for local networking groups, within 2 hrs driving distance of Raleigh NC.

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My favorite topics include:

Businesswomen of all kinds (corporate and entrepreneurs) will learn how to increase self-confidence, from the inside out, through thoughts, language and body language.

  • Communicate your ideas in ways that increase your listeners’ understanding, thus increasing your impact
  • Demonstrate body language which conveys your confidence (and helps you feel it from the inside out)

Gain awareness of how your thoughts are constantly influencing your actions, for better or worse, and how you can move the dial to “for better”.

Discover the 6 sticklers guaranteed to stop your productivity drawing you into procrastination, and how to avoid them.

Understand WHY you procrastinate so you:

  • Move out of black-and-white thinking, into having more choices about how you invest your time
  • Reduce the pressure on yourself to perform at a super-human level
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships, through more realistic expectations
  • Become more productive, and move into living out your true purpose vs. wasting a lot of time and energy in procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing

What’s the difference between you and people in your field who are earning 6-figure or even 7-figure incomes? It’s MINDSET.

Your money mindset is your relationship with money: how you feel about it; and what you think being wealthy (or poor) signifies about you.

In this interactive and information-packed talk, you’ll receive:

  • The power to shift your beliefs, immediately!
  • A clear understanding of the different beliefs of abundant earners vs. under-earners
  • Increased clarity on your specific money beliefs and how they affect your business
  • Insights into where those beliefs come from

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