3 Ways Lifelong Learning Can Slow Down Your Business

I’m a big believer in the power of understanding your strengths and relying on them in your business.

It gives you more confidence, you feel more authentic. That authenticity and confidence helps you feel more at ease in your business, especially in your selling conversations.

One strength I see in myself and in my community: lifelong learning. My community is full of women who love learning new things.

If you look at your bedside table or coffee table, is it full of self-help books, books on spirituality, or building your business? If that’s you, then most likely you too are a LIFELONG LEARNER.

There are lots to benefits to being a lifelong learner AND in some ways it can decrease your effectiveness in your business. (You’ll find videos to help you increase your effectiveness as a learner and entrepreneur at http://marcystahl.com/blog )

Here are 3 ways your love of learning can interfere with your business growth.
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