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Mindset & Marketing Mentor


Here’s What I Know About You

  1. You want to empower and educate people. This is part of your life purpose.  Your work is not simply to make a living.  Your work makes manifest your life purpose.3 College Graduates
  2. You want to have a big impact. You don’t want to help just 5 or 10 clients.  You want to share your work, and its amazing results, with lots of clients.
  3. You want to create financial security for yourself and your family.
  4. You want feel 100% authentic, all the time. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails faster than when you do or say something that feels pushy or sales-y.  You want your words and actions to be aligned with your spiritual and moral values.

What’s NOT Working in Your Business

You don’t have enough clients (or team members, if you’re a direct selling leader).

You struggle when you’re in a selling or recruiting conversation with your prospect.

You’re not earning the money that you want.

The effect:  you have fewer clients/team members than you want.  You make less money than you desire (and need).  You have less impact in the world.

Are You Ready for a Change?!

With my expertise, encouraging style, and years of experience, I can help you:

  • Discover your business superpowers
  • Bring those into your marketing
  • Become more magnetically attractive to your Ideal Clients/Team Members
  • Work with MORE of your like-minded people and have a bigger impact!




Marcy Stahl is a wonderful business coach. But most if not more important is her intuitive and holistic approach to coaching. After just one session with Marcy, I felt that she was able to see my whole person, to track and continue to help highlight all of my strengths, and identify possibilities for me that I never would have seen on my own. My experience with Marcy transformed me… I am someone who by all accounts is a very successful and highly functioning person. Marcy has helped me break through and take my success, as well as my confidence and sense of self, to the next level.

Leader of a global women’s initiative,  Washington DC

My Vision for Your Business

  1. You attract tons of your Ideal Clients/Team Members. These are the people who understand the value you offer, joyfully pay you, and get the biggest, best results from working with you.
  2. You easily have relaxed, authentic selling/recruiting conversations with your ideal prospects. In turn, they easily become your Ideal Client/Team Member!
  3. You deliver your Genius Level Work with your Ideal Clients/Team Members. With these people, you live your purpose.  You have a big impact on their life.  This is the kind of work where you think: “I am having so much fun – I could do this for free!
  4. You have more clients, more income and more peace of mind.





After taking the GALLUP StrengthFinder and reviewing my strengths with Marcy, I was able to capitalize on my strengths in my job interviewing skills and make some excellent resume improvements. Marcy is clear, direct and thoughtful and simply spending one hour with Marcy gave me both powerful and meaningful insights to assist me in my job search and life’s work.

M. Garner, Charlotte, NC

Is This You?

If you’re a lifelong learner and information junkie (like me), then you love watching videos, reading books, and learning as much as you can.  And you also know that there’s always a gap between what you learn and what you do.

Your mind is full of ideas.  Your work life is NOT full of implementing those ideas.

  • If you can no longer tolerate having LESS THAN ENOUGH clients/team members, LESS THAN ENOUGH income, and LESS THAN ENOUGH impact
  • If you’re ready to ignite your power and achieve the potential you KNOW you and your business hold…
  • If this is YOUR TIME to move out on your big goals…

Here’s a fun, easy and PRODUCTIVE way for us to work together, to increase your client attraction and your income.


 How We Work Together

You’ll take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment (you’ll receive exact directions after you register). I’ll spend one hour with you on my conference line, where I help you interpret your results.  Together, we customize your results to your business. We pull out language for your business, so you’re more magnetically attractive to your Ideal Client/Team Member. I give you the recording, so you can keep working with it later. You receive all this for only $89. This is by far the least expensive way to work with me.



How This Has Worked For My Clients

Having my strengths clearly defined (and, let’s be honest, validated by an objective source) has seriously boosted my level of belief that these things are truly unique to me, and that means I have something unique to offer the world. I see the power of having your strengths laid out for you, of knowing that this is who I am, this is what I do, and there’s a reason why, for example, I always make up new ways to do things. It’s one of my strengths! Now I can embrace it, stop fighting it, and use that extra energy to create amazing new things in the world!

Knowing and naming my strengths has given me a deeper confidence and helped me experience a new level of trust in my own abilities. I saw that put to use almost immediately, when I discovered that I Marcy is seriously gifted. She can see things others can’t see, and connect the dots so I’m smacking my head saying, “Oh my goodness! That makes total sense! Thank you!!!” She’s incredibly insightful, and incredibly kind. She really just wants everyone to see how fabulous they are. Marcy walks at the pace that’s right for each individual, and helps them see where they’re already succeeding, and how they can take the exact right next steps for them.

Jennifer Zwiebel, Chief Visionary, A Place of Joy: Creative Brainstorming, Strategies and Solutions for Entrepreneurs


Why Me?

My “business superpowers” include:

  • I easily see what’s unique about you. I see your unique abilities. I believe thoseMarcy Stahl-Head Shot #2 are KEY to your business success. They need to be highlighted, not shoved in the back of your closet.
  • I am non-judgmental. I fully believe that your uniqueness will work for your business. I do not judge what your superpowers are – I help you bring them out, live in them and share them!
  • I excel with language. I am really good with words. I believe you can say anything you want to say, in an appropriate way, and I’ll help you do that. I can easily help you describe the results you deliver in ways that have your Ideal Client/Team Member chomping at the bit to work with you!

The only way you can fully unleash your brilliance and make your mark on the world around you is to share your strengths as widely as possible.  I’m dedicated to making that happen for as many people as possible.  Are you in?


I am dedicated to your expansion!


p.s.  Why wait?  If you want MORE, and you’re ready NOW, let’s get started!

p.p.s.  If you have questions about whether working together is a good fit for you, please email me: marcy (at) marcystahl (dot) com  We can easily set up a short call to discuss your goals; I’m happy to answer your questions.