4 Key Skills Entrepreneurial Women Need for Confidence and Success in Your Career


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  • Your clients love you, but you don’t have enough of them. So you’re not making enough money.
  • You see your peers making more money and moving ahead faster than you are – yet they’re not more talented than you.
  • When you talk to prospects, you know you’ve got a solution to their problem but they don’t seem to understand how much you can help them.
  • When you introduce yourself at networking events, you don’t seem to make an impact.
  • You’re frustrated.  You’re not moving forward in your career.

In order to move to your next level of success, you have to:

  • Connect to your personal power: your authentic value. Then you have deep inner confidence about the value you add
  • Confidently communicate your ideas, in ways that make sure other people pay attention to what you’re saying.
  • Hold yourself in ways that communicate your belief in yourself.

When you feel confident and strong, other people “get” your message.

When you feel self-conscious, uncertain or inadequate, they don’t “get” your message.

Join acclaimed business coach Marcy Stahl for a dynamic and interactive 2-hr workshop, in which you’ll learn:


  • The difference between the way 6-figure and 7-figure earners think and how you think
  • How to confidently express your value through your body language
  • Ways to immediately shift your thoughts and words, to help you strengthen your personal power
  • The hidden secrets of how your body influences your thoughts and actions.


Date:  Saturday 10/27/2018

Time: 10am-noon

Location: Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, 350 S. White St, Wake Forest NC 27587

Investment:  $35.

For the cost of a nice dinner, you will receive 2 hours of powerful personal and professional development, to really propel your business/career forward


Confidence starts from the inside out.  If you know that increasing your confidence and sharing your message with confidence are KEY to growing your business, please join me!

“You always provide lots of great immediate do-able takeaways!”  Nancy Loeffler, Being with Grief, Raleigh NC


I am very much looking forward to sharing a TON of high value content with you about how to fully embody your worth, so that you confidently convey your expertise to your prospects, your clients, and your colleagues.

Dedicated to your expansion,