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Will your team be more effective with training on their strengths, or mindset, or finding their Ideal Client/Team Member?  If so, let’s discuss!  You can Contact Me and we’ll easily set up a short call to discuss.  Depending on the size of your team and the topic, this can range from free to a small charge per person.

Recommended Books


Am I a perfectionist? Or just a very neat, organized, in control person?

Try this quiz for a short take.
For a longer self-assessment, read
Never Good Enough: How to Use Perfectionism to Your
Advantage Without Letting It Ruin Your Life
, Monica Ramirez Basco.

Written by a psychologist, this book has great information about different aspects of
perfectionism. I didn’t realize there was one more way to be a perfectionist, but yes,
there are multiple ways!

The author’s goal is not to eliminate perfectionism, but to
turn it into something useful that helps your life, instead of stressing out you, your
friends, and your family. Lots of quizzes, self-assessment, and specific strategies are
presented for each aspect she discusses.


Procrastination is holding me back.

Read It’s About Time!: The 6 Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them,
Linda Sapadin and Jack Maguire. You can read

a short summary
of the 6 styles and tips to
overcome them. If the summary resonates with you, buy the book. The book provides wonderful
concrete strategies to help you identify and overcome or work around each procrastination style.


I tend to worry, second-guess my decisions, or over-analyze.

This book can help. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers. The author’s main thesis is that, at the bottom of every fear, is the fear that we won’t be able to cope. She shows how many different forms our fears can take, and offers lots of good affirmations and strategies to overcome fear-based decisions and indecision.

refuse to choose

I have a lot of interests and things I want to get done, but I feel overwhelmed.

Refuse to Choose!: A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything That You Love, by Barbara Sher is for you. Do you have sports equipment or craft supplies or old photos lying around your house? Do you want to travel, start a new hobby, and develop a new business – all at the same time? If you have a lot of interests and have a hard time getting anything done with them, this book can help. Sher identifies several different types of “scanners” – people with lots of interests, and then suggests different strategies to help you move forward and accomplish your goals.


I’m messing up with my money.

To change your attitudes about money, read The Type Z Guide to Success: A Lazy Person’s Manifesto to Wealth and Fulfillment, by Marc Allen. This is my favorite money book. I relate to his goal: to make money in a relaxed and easy way. He’s a great example that this is possible and you can do it too.


If my money were my boyfriend, he’d be a no-good jerk.

To learn how to take care of your money, so it takes care of you, read Women & Money by Suze Orman. She shares a specific five-month program that teaches you exactly what to do with your money. This is a powerful and inspirational book.

I feel uncomfortable when I’m in a sales situation.


Check out Ari Galper’s web site: Scroll down the page to the offer for 10 Free
Lessons at the bottom – these are short audio clips that are helpful, though not totally complete.