2-hr Virtual Workshop

For Women Solopreneurs, Direct Sellers and Small Business Owners 

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Did 2017 end in a flurry that left you feeling exhausted and ready for a break?

When you look back at 2017, do you feel happy that you’ve had clients and income this past year, so something is working, but you aren’t 100% sure which of your marketing efforts were most successful and which weren’t?

Feeling like you SHOULD set some goals for 2018, but you’ve set goals in the past (maybe even SMART goals; maybe even created a vision board) and yet… it didn’t work – you either ignored your goals, forgot them, or just felt really disconnected from them?

Here’s the problem when you don’t take the time to look back at 2017.

  • You’re not 100% sure where your clients came from.
  • Which means you’re not really sure what did and did not work for your marketing.
  • You’ve forgotten what you actually DID accomplish this past year. Your wins have faded into the mist.

Which leads to you starting 2018 on a down note.  You decide to skip goal setting (or you decide to rest and recuperate til New Year’s, which means you skip goal setting due to time).  b/c you’re busy.  Or you’ve done it before and it hasn’t worked.  So you end up continuing to do what you did last year.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Continuing to do what you did last year will create the same results you’re currently experiencing.  Is that a good thing for you?  Truly – is that a hole in wallgood thing?

What would it be like to have a viable plan for your marketing and client attraction in 2018, one that’s actually based on what you like to do, and is also based on what you KNOW WORKS!?

If you’re ready to start 2018 on a stronger footing, where you actually KNOW what you did in 2017 and what did/did not work, and you use your 2017 lessons learned to create ALIGNED goals for 2018, then I invite you to join me for a special 2-hour virtual group workshop, where I’ll help you

  • Analyze what is working WELL in your business and what’s working NOT so well
  • Recognize and celebrate your top 2017 accomplishments
  • Identify your biggest lesson learned from 2017
  • Consciously choose your desired experience for 2018
  • Create ALIGNED 2018 goals from a place of inner confidence vs. intellect only


  • Friday, February 2, 2018
  • 1pm-3pm EST (12pm-2pm CST, 11am-1pm MST, 10am-12pm PST)
  • We’ll meet on the phone; participate from your home or office
  • I’ll facilitate this group call. You can participate on the call as much or as little as you like.  I’ll send you homework in advance for you to fill out, to help you with your reflection on 2017.

On this call, you’ll celebrate your successes, feel clear on what is working for your marketing and client attraction, and you’ll feel more confident about your 2018 planning.  Which means more ease and less stress for your 2018 planning!

I’m excited to connect with you for this dynamic and fun workshop!


p.s.  If you’re confused about setting goals, or burnt out on setting goals, this workshop will guide you through an easy process that unites your head and your spirit in looking back and looking forward to a prosperous New Year! REGISTER BELOW and I’ll help you get started!