Do you want to get to your vision of a successful lifestyle faster, more easily, more effectively?


Who I Work With – Is This You?

You want to ignite your power and achieve more in direct sales. You want to build your team, make serious money, and use that money to create your vision of a successful lifestyle.

You’re a smart, motivated, woman who likes to help others. You have a vision of the lifestyle you want and you’ve chosen direct sales as the way to achieve it.

What’s Holding You Back?

You know your vision is possible, and that direct sales can make it happen, but you haven’t realized the success you want. Your actual day-to-day life doesn’t match your vision. You’re too busy, spending more time on your business than you want. Or, you’re disappointed or discouraged that your team isn’t as productive as you know they can be. And you know you can be making more money in less time.

What You Can Accomplish

With my coaching you can achieve the financial success you want, so you can enjoy a successful lifestyle.

  • Your team will be more effective, so they’ll have greater sales and you’ll have more income. I can help you find the best team members, the business-builders, and bring out the best in your existing team.
  • You’ll have more time to spend on the parts of your life you most value, away from your business. We’ll devise a system for your time, so you’re as effective as possible in the shortest amount of time.
  • Top performers in direct sales have the top mindsets. You will develop attitudes, beliefs, and habits that are the foundations of a mindset of success. These carry over to other aspects of your life and expand your horizons and sustain you.
  • You’ll have more ease in your work. Your stress level will go down and your enjoyment will go up.

Anna.Dir.Suit.Photo“Before working with Marcy, I was feeling negative, discouraged and dubious. I worried about having something of value to give to my team and how to truly help them move forward.

I now feel hopeful,encouraged and equipped. I am more confident about communicating usingquestions and realizing that as a leader, I often have to be the “repeaterof the message/vision/dream”.

I feel equipped by having the recordings to listen to over and over because Marcy has given me scripts, questions, words and insight that I would not otherwise have gained.

Even the time on the phone coaching with Marcy was teaching me how I can coach others in my unit. I found myself mimicking the way she talked to me when talking with my unit members and even just casual conversations. She was warm,truthful, confident and helped me to learn what it looks like to use questions to help take the next step.

Marcy is an insightful coach and I think that anyone who chooses to invest in themselves by coaching with Marcy will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Marcy!”

Anna Poff
Sales Director, MaryKay
Warrenton, VA

About Me

Coaching is second nature to me. I’ve been doing it in one form or another most of my life. In 2006 I decided to concentrate on coaching and consulting with women in direct sales. I have a solid record of success that proves my approach works. It can work for you as well.

I’ve been in a home-based business since 1997 (and will never leave it!). At that time, I co-founded a small government contracting business and helped grow that business to over $1M in revenues. Much of our work provided the government with innovative ways to improve training via technology. Prior to that, I did research and analysis for a defense think tank. I have an MS and BS in computer science, so technology is another specialty of mine.

Learn about the kind of women I coach in direct sales and the issues they face at Who I Serve.