I’m an educator, a guide and a motivator. My role is to see that you get the skills you need and use them to grow your direct sales business. I don’t do the work for you. I coach you so that you learn to do it, practice doing it, and fine-tune it making these skills a part of your personal business approach. Our work together is based on my experience and years of research into entrepreneurship, personal growth, and direct sales.

I am your ally. I support you. I coach you, listen to your concerns, ask penetrating questions, clarify your thoughts, and provide accountability.

I’m an outside observer. I offer an objective opinion. I contribute lessons learned and expertise from my research and work with other direct sales team leaders and entrepreneurs.

And I’m kind, smart and funny. I’m betting you are too, so we’ll have fun along the way!

Expected Results for Direct Sales Team Leaders

I help you do the following.

Find the best people. Identify the business-builders and get more of them. Learn better ways to present the opportunity offered by direct sales and ideas on increasing how often you present the opportunity. This is a way to grow your direct sales team and ensure that new members will be a good fit, so you’re not gathering lots of people who join and then fizzle out.

Develop systems for success. This is key to having a sustainable lifestyle for you and sustainable success for your team. It covers everything from knowing your team members’ visions, to knowing their goals (yearly to weekly), to staying in touch with them, and to providing training and support.

Replace limiting beliefs with abundant thinking. The majority of your business success is determined by your mindset, not your skill set.

Relax and have fun. Isn’t life great when you enjoy what you do? When you know in your heart that you’re helping people? When your work helps you achieve your dreams? When you’re confident that everything is under control and work occupies a part of your life, vs. your entire life?

My Approach with Direct Sales Team Leaders

Each session is customized to your needs. I make sure that each session addresses your specific needs. We’ll tailor my program to your needs, and augment it as needed. Our time is focused on solving YOUR problems, not spinning your wheels through material you don’t need.

I have a system to help you. There are some topics that are universally important, no matter what type of direct sales business you’re in, how large or small your team is, or where you are in your leadership experience. These topics include establishing your vision of a successful life; your goals; getting in touch with your team’s visions and goals; personal branding; and systematizing your schedule.

Flexible schedule. I do my best to accommodate your schedule, so your sessions will occur on a day and time that suits you.

Let’s have fun! Going through a self-development process that leads to business success can be challenging, it can require persistence, but it’s not boring and it’s not painful.

My Unique Skills

  • Expertise in direct sales, focusing on teams and leaders. In addition to my work with clients, I read the best business books, do online research, participate in education and training through DSWA and other programs, and conduct interviews with team leaders on an ongoing basis to stay up-to-date on their challenges and how they solve them.
  • Professional background in studying, evaluating and improving the work of teams, many of which were virtual with people in different geographical locations.
  • Emphasis on the practical vs. theoretical. I love theories, but the rubber has to meet the road and that means I want to share practical, proven tips that work.
  • My experience as an entrepreneur. I walk my talk. I’ve worked out of my home in my own business since 1997. I know what it’s like to not have sales, accounting, and IT departments on call!
  • Staying on top of new Internet trends in marketing and technology. I
    can help you choose technologies that help you run your business, and
    you don’t have to become a techie to learn how to use them My knowledge
    ranges from using email newsletters and blogs, to using Yahoo Groups to
    coordinate your team, to using social and business networking sites like
    Facebook and LinkedIn..

Guiding Beliefs

I believe you have within you everything you need. Some part of you already knows what to do. I help you access and strengthen that part of yourself. I build on that, by sharing what I’ve learned from other clients and my own experiences.

Being successful is not mysterious – it just takes practice. The hard part is letting go of old beliefs that keep you in your comfort zone. There’s no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.

Success can occur in a relaxed way. Our culture is permeated with the idea that success comes from hard work. It certainly comes from work, but it needn’t feel hard.

Abundance is always available to you. There’s plenty of opportunity and wealth in the world for everyone. You can learn to attract it to you, without diminishing what’s available for everyone else.

Each one of us is at our most powerful when our minds and our hearts are working together in our business. If you believe you are helping others through your business, and you are liberated from your limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties, you will be successful – I have no doubt.

What’s Next

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me, go to the Services and Programs page to learn about the specific services and programs I offer.