Attention  Entrepreneurs

Do any of these statements sound familiar?MarcyStahl-BusinessCoach-120x150p

  • Rich people are mean or bad people.
  • I am flawed in some way and I don’t deserve to be prosperous.
  • If I make more money, others will get less.
  • I can’t be well-off financially AND be a spiritual person at the same time.
  • Making money is someone else’s job, not mine.

If you’ve got any of these beliefs, then I guarantee that you’re earning less than others in your field with similar experience and skills.

I had my own wake-up call about money in 2006.  I received a 6-figure payout when I sold my share in a government contracting firm I had co-founded.  When I looked at that 6 figure sum in my checking account, I heard a voice in my head say: “I’m going to feel much better when there’s less than $100K in this account.”  And my next thought was: “Who said that?!”.

I looked deeper inside and realized that, in my family, our belief is that rich people have done something immoral or illegal to get their money.  Which meant that for me to be a “good” person, I couldn’t be rich.

The problem is that family belief directly conflicted with my income goal of being a 6-figure entrepreneur!

When your goals conflict with your deep beliefs about what money means, your deep beliefs will win,

Since then, I’ve been consciously changing my relationship to money (and to myself).  I’ve practiced a lot of different techniques and I’ve learned what is and is not helpful.

I’ve also spent time with 6-figure and 7-figure coaches and direct sellers, where I’ve seen what their money beliefs are.  That’s an eye-opener as well!

breakthrough wallAfter several years of practice, observation and experience, I am now ready to share all my learning with you!

If you want to feel good about earning money abundantly,

If you want to feel good about how you take care of your money,

If you want to stop working so hard for so little,

And you’re ready to break through your personal income ceiling,

then I invite you to join me for a 6-week mind-expanding Mastering the Energy of Money group coaching program.


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In this highly experiential program, I’ll help you:

  • Replace outdated family beliefs with new money beliefs that raise your personal income ceiling
  • Feel increased confidence in your value and your rates
  • Experience greater ease and energy in your marketing
  • Develop the ability to hold your boundaries in selling conversations, without overgiving


  • 6 1-hour group training and coaching calls, facilitated by experienced Mindset and Marketing Mentor, Marcy Stahl.  In each call, I’ll teach on the topic and facilitate discussion.  Topics include:
    • Week 1: The Inside Job of Money – uncovering your current money beliefs and where they come from
    • Week 2: Resetting Your Income Ceiling  – strategies for upleveling your beliefs
    • Week 3: What’s Your Money Personality – what’s your natural inclination about the use of money (and what is that of your partner!) AND how this affects your business decisions and growth.
    • Week 4: Practical Aspects of Finances for Entrepreneurs – specific strategies to help you take care of your money, as an entrepreneur
    • Week 5: Money Beliefs and Your Clients – we’ll explore the connection between your value, your rates, and your boundaries with prospects and clients
    • Week 6: Connecting the Dots: Money, Marketing and Sales.  We’ll explore the connection between money, your marketing and your sales, to create a clear, clean energetic flow so you can comfortably ask for, receive and invest money.
  • iStock_HandsHoldingPlantExercises and worksheets to help you go deep into your beliefs, including strategies to help you replace limiting beliefs with abundant beliefs
  • Support from your like-minded peers
  • Online forum for e-coaching between calls


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Dates: Tuesdays, 1-2pm ET, Oct 6-Nov 10.  All calls will be recorded.  You’ll receive the recordings within 48 hours.

Location: My conference call line – no travel required!

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Before working with Marcy, I was struggling to get ‘unstuck.’ I knew that it was important to work on my mindset, but I had no idea where to start nor its role in my marketing.

Marcy is instrumental in my ongoing upleveling. Since we began working together, she has helped me gain more clarity on what’s next, so I’m not overwhelmed. She has also helped me identify my strengths and bring them more fully into my business (which means more confidence and better messaging for me).

Marcy is an amazing resource and she holds me accountable for getting things done. I highly recommend Marcy.


Semonna McNeil
Digital Marketing Strategist for Coaches and Service Professionals


satisfaction guaranteeGUARANTEE

I want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the value of this program. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can let me know by the end of the 2nd class and I’ll happily refund your investment, no questions asked.


Before I started working with Marcy, I was feeling conflicted. I was contemplating two different paths for my business and knew that I needed some professional guidance on how best to proceed.

Marcy was instrumental in helping me make several shifts in my life and business, and discover the right path for me.

What I really loved about working with Marcy was how personal the experience was; I knew her coaching was tailored to me and how I would need to process the information.  She honestly listened and understood me, and dug deep discovering blocks I wasn’t even aware I had, and then guiding me on how to move through them, coming out on the other side much more aware and stronger than I was before.

Now I am very excited about the next phase in my business.  I’m changing the services I offer so I provide even higher value to my clients.  That allows me to earn more and begin to hire a team.  My business is now growing into the future vision I had when I started 5 years ago!

I am confident in my ability to continue on my journey having worked through it with Marcy.

Melissa D

Melissa H. Dery
Virtual Business Manager for Direct Sales Leaders
The Golden Rule VA