Special Group Coaching Program to Help You Keep Moving FORWARD!


  • You’ve got big goals and good intentions, but you’re not making progress. woman with stickies
  • You want the end result to be perfect, so you don’t start.  And you definitely don’t finish
  • You have some anxiety or fear about important tasks. Do you know what to do?   What if it’s too hard?   What if you’re not capable of doing it well?  If you actually finish your project and put it out into the world what will other people think?
  • You struggle with carving out time on your schedule for those tasks. Something else always seems more urgent (or more fun) to do instead.  You do lots of small tasks vs. taking time for bigger projects.

You wind up in a place where you’re not finishing the critically important tasks & projects that will build YOUR business:

  • The marketing plan
  • The copy for your sales page or newsletter
  • The follow-up phone calls to prospects or clients

When those tasks aren’t finished, then you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged about your success.  Your business is stagnant – it’s not growing.  Which means your income is not growing either.

To help you break out of this non-productive cycle, I’ve created a new program:


a Golden EggThe entire focus of this program helps you stay on task, with clear time, energy and accountability.

Whether you’re starting something new or are in the midst of a project, this program will help you continuously move forward.


This is a quarterly program.  You can join this program at any time, for 3 months at a time.  And you can renew as often as you like.

Every month, you receive the following:

  • Two 2-hr group Progress in Action calls.  On these group calls, I’ll kick us off, then you’ll work independently on your project.  You can check in as needed along the way for support or coaching.
  • 1 group 60-min Q&A call led by me, where you can bring in any question related to your business or group of womanmindset and I’m happy to coach you through it. And you can mastermind with your peers.
  • Private Facebook group for easy connection and access to other participants and to me.
  • Recordings of all Q&A calls.
  • Selected recordings and articles, as needed.
  • Full email access to me.

With occasional exceptions for my schedule:

  • Progress in Action calls are usually 2-4pm ET on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.
  • Group Q&A calls are usually 2-3pm ET on the 3rd Wed of the month.


3-month investment: $257/mth for 3 months



pay in full for $750

Any questions about how this works?  Please email me marcy at marcystahl dot com and I’ll help you sort out whether this is right for you or not.

“Marcy’s insights never fail to awaken me to areas in my business which are in need of my attention. Her gentle and encouraging style are the sugar to help this absolutely essential medicine go down. I owe all of the recent leaps I’ve been able to take with my business to Marcy Stahl. Can’t go wrong with her.”

– Roland Tec, Playwright, Filmmaker and Educator.

If your highest desire for 2018 is to create stronger results than you had in 2017, I invite you to join us.

3-month investment: $257/mth for 3 months



pay in full for $750


Dedicated to your expansion, MarcyMarcy Stahl Business Coach