The Referral of a Lifetime

Book Club


Are you a committed networker and referral partner who’s struggling to keep track of your 1-on-1 meetings, their results, and your follow-up?

Do you love reading personal growth books?

Do you have a hard time implementing the many great ideas you’ve read?

You’re in the right place!

Join with like-minded NC women entrepreneurs who share your interest in personal growth AND believe in the power of networking. We’ll read The Referral of a Lifetime together and share our experiences with networking. I will provide you with templates to help you implement what you’re reading.

Dates: Mondays, 7pm, 10/13-11/17 (6 weeks)

Location: We’ll rotate through our homes; first and last meeting will be at Marcy’s house in Wake Forest.

Format: You read 1-2 chapters/week; Marcy will facilitate discussion and masterminding.

Investment: $60

This is an amazing low price. Why? Because I can guarantee that you will receive MORE from this format than by reading this book on your own. And if you receive just one extra referral, I’m confident you’ll more than make back your investment   🙂

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You Receive:

  • 6 facilitated discussion and mastermind sessions. I’ve facilitated over 10 business book clubs, so I have plenty of experience as to how this works best and how to keep everyone involved in the conversation.
  • Study questions to help you go deeper into each chapter
  • Templates to help you track referrals, pre-filled with information on all participants. I want to make it super-easy for you to IMPLEMENT referral strategies, not just read about them.
  • Amazing insight and wisdom from your colleagues
  • Networking opportunities at each meeting, to expand your network
  • Private Facebook page to connect with your fellow readers/networkers

My goal is that you will be taking action based on the principles in this book, as well as based on my own experience in tracking referrals for myself and the systems I’ve created.

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I’ve designed this to be rewarding, fun and easy.

I look forward to reading, learning and growing with you!


p.s. If your happy customers have sent their friend or colleagues to you and they’ve become clients, then you know how easy THAT process is, compared to finding a client from scratch. If you want to receive more of these easy, satisfying referrals, I recommend this program!