You’ve come to the right place.

Attention Women Networkers!

(And women who know they “should” be networking but don’t love to do it and aren’t getting the results they want)

Do you want to build your business through referrals?

Are you bummed out that your networking time and money is giving you zero (or a very few) clients?

Are you wondering WHY other women seem to get referrals through networking, yet you don’t have the referral business you want?

You go to networking events; you talk to people; you connect people to each other because you know they’d be a great match. Yet when you look back at your business results, you see that you haven’t gained ANY new business through all the networking you’ve been doing.


You bet.


Nope. Not by a long shot. You just need to understand three things:

  1. What you’re doing now and WHY it’s not working for you.
  2. The simple changes you can make that suit you that will make your networking effective.
  3. How to design and implement a follow-up system that’s simple, personal and that delivers results.

I’ve designed a program to give you these exact three things.

This seven-session course will walk you through the essential steps of building a referral-based business. I will take you through each piece of the process so you can:

  • Understand your personal goals
  • Develop your personal approach
  • Adopt proven techniques that will make the time you invest in networking profitable, rewarding and fun!

If you can relate to any of the following, this program will get you results!



  • You want referrals, and you know your past and current clients love you, but you haven’t actually asked anyone for referrals.
  • You’ve invested many hours in networking, have paid for lots of meals and coffee, yet you haven’t received any new business from your time and money.
  • You come home from networking events with handfuls of business cards, which sit on your desk for several weeks or months, not being entered into your contact list, not being responded to, and staring at you making you feel guilty.
  • You love to connect people and instinctively match people who could be great resources for each other—but you don’t seem to do the same for yourself.
  • You know you’d like to have an effective, efficient system in place for developing and tracking relationships, but you’ve tried sixteen different systems and none of them stick, and now you’re too busy putting out fires and running your business to set up a new one, much less stay on top of it consistently.
  • You love reading books and learning new information. You’ve read some great books about networking and referrals. However you rarely take time to implement the ideas you’ve read about.
  • You keep thinking that networking MUST be valuable; why is it working for other people and not for you?!
  • You don’t want to have to figure out the answers to all this on your own.


group of folks

You want more business coming to you via referrals, so you can spend more time working with clients and developing your business.

You want to have easy systems in place that keep a steady flow of referrals, and therefore new clients, coming to you. You think it would be great to have most or ALL your clients come from referrals!

You want to have a SYSTEM to deal with the referral process, so you can save time and energy for other parts of your business. And you want someone else to give you the system, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own  🙂

You want your favorite clients to introduce you to more people who will love to work with you. You know that receiving a referral from a satisfied client is the easiest way to gain a new client; it’s much easier than marketing to find a brand-new client.

You want to attract your Ideal Client, not just someone who’s breathing and has money. You’re clear that referrals are more likely to be your Ideal Client.



If this is you, you’re in the right spot! Coach Marcy Stahl has created a highly targeted 7-session group training that will make your networking meaningful and effective.

You will receive:

  • Language to help you ask for referrals, starting IMMEDIATELY. You’ll be able to ask for referrals, from networking colleagues, from past and current clients, AND if needed, you’ll be able to ask why you’re not getting referrals.
  • An easy-to-use system to track your 1-on-1 meetings and referrals, plus the templates to implement it.
  • A simple process to manage your contacts and identify your referral partners.
  • Your own system to stay in touch with referral partners over time, that you can lock, load and forget, because it’s on auto-pilot.
  • The space to not only understand all of these elements, but to also design and implement them so it’s not just another good idea—it’s actually happening.



This is a fast-track program, with one focus: For you to learn how you can invest minimal time/money in networking AND receive more referrals. You will invest 6 weeks and 1 virtual day with Marcy and your like-minded colleagues, and you will get results.

You don’t have to do this on your own—you will be supported throughout the process. You will receive expert guidance from Marcy  to customize the networking system to YOU and your business, as well as the support of other like-minded women. Bounce your ideas off colleagues, ask questions, and build your personalized system in the company of others who will be cheering you on.




  • Six weekly trainings, 60-minute calls in which Marcy facilitates a group discussion of the book The Referral of a Lifetime. You will be grounded in the wisdom author Tim Templeton shares AND you’ll receive the talents, resources and energy of the group through facilitated group discussion and occasional direct coaching by Marcy.
  • A virtual Implementation day designed specifically for this program. This is a half-day workshop you will participate in from the comfort of your own home or office, where Marcy will walk you through implementing the systems you’ve been learning about. This is a day on which you will take action so the great ideas you’ve discovered don’t just stay in your head—they get created and populated with your ideal referral sources, and your plan goes live in real time.
  • Private 40 min. call with Marcy in which we’ll review your results from the program and what you see as your next steps. I’ll share my vision for your networking/referrals. This will help you cast a bigger vision AND reinforce the progress you’ve made.
  • Powerful study questions to help you go deeper into how this material applies to YOUR business. These materials will support you in the work and learning you do in between our calls. Each of these exercises and activities are designed to accelerate your business growth.
  • Online community of like-minded women for brainstorming and resources, where you have full access to online eCoaching from Marcy for the duration of the class. This incredible online resource will not only connect you to the other women in the program for suggestions and brainstorming; you will also have direct access to eCoaching from Marcy in this group setting where you can ask any questions.
  • Downloadable recordings of each call. Shortly after each class, you will receive a recording of our call so that you can review all the information at your leisure. These recordings are also valuable in case you miss a call.
  • A safe, structured and supported space to make your vision real. Marcy and the rest of the participants will be holding the space for you to create what you want, expecting you to show up and cheering you on. This piece makes a HUGE difference.
  • Support as you customize the templates and language to your business.
  • Done-for-you templates to help you identify and track referrals and your referral partners. We want to make it super-easy for you to IMPLEMENT referral strategies, not just read about them.
  • Advice on how to make your 1-on-1 meetings more efficient and productive, so it’s not just a coffee date.
  • Done-for-you scripts you can use immediately to start asking for referrals, in a way that feels 100% AUTHENTIC for you


Start date: Tuesday July 21, 1pm ET/10am PT

Location: Over the phone, from the comfort and convenience of your own home 🙂

Duration: 6 weeks of training calls: 7/21/2015 – 8/25/2015, plus your Implementation day on Friday 8/28/2015.

Investment: Save $50 now til July 10!  Instead of $347, you’ll pay $297  –  Make one or two payments ($297 once or $163.50/mth for 2 months).


Be 1 of the first 5 people to register and you’ll receive these extra bonuses!

  • “Is Money Your Honey?” Money Mindset recording by Marcy Stahl. Your money beliefs influence the prosperity and success you allow yourself to receive. If you feel there’s “not enough” or that you don’t deserve to be well-compensated, you’ll feel unworthy to ask for referrals and you’ll have problems with receiving referrals, prospects and new clients.
  • Special report: “How to Network Effectively.”   Effective networking includes everything from your mindset to your body language to your actions.  If you’re already networking, this will help you gain a slight edge through best practices.




I want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the value of this program. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can let me know by the end of the 2nd class and I’ll happily refund your investment, no questions asked.

The special early bird ends soon. If you’re spending money RIGHT NOW on coffee, event registration, annual membership, etc. with no (or very few) clients to show for it, please register now. The madness needs to end!

You can spend your precious time doing what you’re meant to be doing, with the people who are waiting for you to appear! It’s so close—let me hold your hands and walk you across the bridge from where you are to where you want to be.


p.s. If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels, to stop feeling overwhelmed by meetings and contacts and follow-up, and to stop being frustrated by the time and money you’re investing in networking without getting the clients you want, please join this group—we’re really fun to hang out with, and in six sessions you’ll completely revamp your approach so you can be building an authentic, referral-based business starting now!



MarcyStahl-DirectSalesCoach-ezineMarcy Stahl, Mindset and Marketing Mentor, is on an adventurous, passionate mission to help women entrepreneurs (and a few good men) discover and claim their unique abilities so they have more money, more decision-making power and more confidence.

Having overcome her own battle with low self-esteem, trying to fit in and look like everyone else, Marcy now cheerfully embraces her quirky and highly valuable skill set and is committed to helping like-minded solo business women do the same.

Through her coaching business Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Money, she has helped her clients experience results like:

  • Tripling their income
  • Becoming a more confident team leader
  • Doubling their personal sales

She’s the co-author of the book Direct Selling Power, a graduate of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) Coaching School, and a member of the John Maxwell Team Training Program.

Her passion is helping her clients attract more business, make more money and have more FUN!

What Marcy’s Clients Say:

“This training has given me a lot of encouragement! I can now see how to set up higher quality, more difference-making service offerings that will elicit far greater hope and impact than ‘call more people and sell more stuff.’

 It’s leagues beyond anything I’ve done in the past.

 I see how I can create sustainable systems to move forward and alleviate my God complex while actually IMPROVING the quality of service I’m providing to my team.

Marcy excels at pulling everything together and breaking it down.  She can put complex ideas into 1 or 2 sentences.  It’s such a relief that all of these ideas aren’t swirling all over the place in my head. I can absorb and take action on this material….it’s do-able.”

Michelle Moore

5-Diamond Designer

Premier Designs Jewelry


Before I worked with Marcy in this novel approach to a Business Book Club, I had no idea how to keep up with my referrals, who and how to thank those who have helped me build my business and how to divide my attention and energy on this issue. Her ability to facilitate the learning and the encouragement to set up my own system was very helpful and got me moving in the right direction, finally! I could have read this brief book on my own, yet doubt I would have benefitted in the same, concrete way. Marcy helped me put action into the lessons learned!

Helene Bumbalo

American English Right Now