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If you’ve been feeling stuck in your business, like you’re on a plateau and you can’t quite get off, then you’re likely experiencing some mindset issues. That means that your thoughts and feelings are preventing you from taking action.

This is so important to recognize, in order to take the right action. Here’s what a mindset problem can look like.

  1. You tolerate too much and your vision is small.

For example, you tolerate crap. You put up with a messy office, a door that doesn’t shut tight, or a computer/phone/other technology that doesn’t work well. You tolerate people being late for calls or meetings with you. People push your boundaries/expectations and you let them do that. Those are all examples of tolerating the crap.

You have a teeny vision for your business, in place of an inspiring, juicy dream and vision. When you’re having mindset issues, your vision is small. It’s: How do I get to the next level? And that *is* an important question, because if you spend all your time thinking about your big vision, you’re not taking action in the present. The problem comes if you have no enticing energy-creating vision for the future.

That leaves you disconnected from the bigger vision of what could happen when you touch more people, when more lives are influenced by your passion, your expertise and your products or service. That can be life-changing, to stay in touch with that bigger feeling: Wouldn’t it be fun to do this in a bigger way? Wouldn’t it be fun to help more people? To earn more money and have a bigger lifestyle that’s aligned with what I truly want? Your big vision can support you, which you miss if you’re having mindset problems.

  1. You have conflicting beliefs.

Part of you wants your goal: to make more money, to have more impact. And another part of you is thinking: Heck No! If I make more money, I won’t be a good person. If I have a bigger impact, people will start talking about me.

When you have conflicting ideas, the goals are coming from the analytic part of your brain. The fears are coming from your unconscious. When the analytic side of your brain is in conflict with your unconscious, your unconscious will win.

You will find it very hard to earn an abundant income when you’re thinking: I want 6 figures but that might make me a bad person. It’s hard to build your business and help more people when you’re thinking: If I fully show up in this way, then other people are going to be upset. They’ll start talking about me and there’ll be some bad outcomes.

  1. You know what to do, yet you’re not doing it.

Part of you looks at your goals and to-do lists and makes sensible suggestions like: my next step is to send an email promoting x,y,z or call this person or schedule an event. Most likely, you’ve been in your business long enough that you understand how these things work so you don’t need more training in how to send that email, make that call or schedule that event.

You know what to do and how to do it. And yet, you can’t move forward in doing it.

You’re having thoughts like: Sure, this works for other people but I’m not sure *I* can do it. Other people can put on an event and 20 people come, but I can’t do that. I’m not sure even 1 person will come!

If I call someone now, that’s probably not a good time for them. What will they think? They might be upset with me.

That’s your fear of other people’s reactions.

  1. You have inconsistent self-care and negative self-talk

Your self-care and your self-talk are fairly accurate reflections of where your mindset is at. It’s hard for you to have great self-care and self-talk, and have a crappy mindset. And the reverse is true. It’s hard for you have an abundant mindset, and not take care of yourself or have judgmental self-talk.

These 3 things (your self-care, self-talk and mindset) move up and down together. The great news: when one of them lifts, the other two will likely lift at the same time.

  1. Your thinking is foggy and circular.

Problems with your mindset are related to feelings of anxiety. When you’re feeling anxious, you feel overwhelmed and your thinking is foggy. It’s really hard for you to accurately see what’s happening and interpret what’s happening. Anxiety creates brain fog about your thinking.

If you’re experiencing any of these 5 problems to a significant degree, then you’re having a mindset issue that’s holding you and your business back.

What’s the way out?

Practical solutions do not resolve mindset issues. You may be thinking: I just need to go to a new training on planning and scheduling! Or, I need to buy a new planner! That doesn’t work, because the problem is coming from the inside of your brain, which is where you have to focus your energy and your solutions.

I didn’t understand that initially in my business and I took a long time to accept this. I’m so in love with the power of mind over matter, I’m so in love with my big brain, I’m such a logical thinker that I kept thinking: Surely, if I spend more money on this excellent-sounding coaching program and then I do all that stuff, it will make a difference.

What I kept overlooking was that the limiting factor in my ability to “do all that stuff” was always my mindset.

I could have been presented with a blueprint to become a millionaire or a billionaire and I couldn’t have done it, no matter how accurate and detailed that information was, because of my mindset.

I’m confident that I have invested at least $25,000 in coaching programs that were 100% practical and I wasn’t able to implement much of what I learned. That money wasn’t totally wasted, because I do use some of that material. However, my expectation of what I’d get out of that program was WAAAY out of line with what I could get, because I was trying to ignore that my mindset was my limiting factor.

I’m sharing this to say that, if your mindset is the problem, you want to look for solutions that address your mindset directly. Do not think that you can be in a 100% practical program and that will be the answer. Because that won’t be focusing on the underlying cause. It’s like putting a band-aid on a broken bone.


I recommend these strategies for upleveling your mindset, in general.

  1. Increase your connection to your inner guidance. Become still and look within. This includes journaling, prayer, meditation, visualization.
  2. Increase your connection to the Divine, whatever that is for you.
  3. Be very selective about the business strategies that you’re choosing to implement and make sure they match your personality and work style. Highly successful people are often very direct, dominant and charismatic. They give advice like: Make a list of 100 people and start calling them. Talk to strangers, anywhere, like in the grocery store. For other personality types, that advice doesn’t work.

There are many ways to succeed in business. It’s not one size fits all. You will waste time if you follow strategies that leave you feeling inauthentic, that are not a match for your personality or work style.

Because the mindset issues come with so much fog and lack of clarity, I am a huge believer in the power of getting outside support on this. I have not met anyone with a major mindset issue who dealt with that 100% on their own. I think it takes a support team to help you. I’ve tried many strategies. It has been the wisdom of other people further along the journey than me, who helped me move forward.

If you hear/see yourself in

  • Keeping a lid on yourself: your dreams and your dislikes
  • Having conflicting beliefs about wanting your goals and success, while fearing what might come along with that
  • Knowing what needs to be done and feeling yourself unable to do it
  • Being inconsistent or poor in self-care and self-talk
  • Feeling anxious and having foggy, circular or unclear thinking

If that’s you and you’re ready to release the mind fog and anxiety, and get to a simpler, easier way to build your business, then I invite you to contact me for a complimentary call, where we can explore in more detail whether coaching together can help you move forward and uplevel your mindset into abundance and profitability. Which gives you more joy and ease in your life and business.

Simply email me and we’ll set that up right away.

My best wishes for your expansion,