I had my first midlife crisis at age 28.

Up til then, I was following the “SHOULDs” – the life script set out by my family and society.

College? CHECK!

Marriage? CHECK!

Career? CHECK!

Kids? PASS.

At that point, I paused and looked around. The ONLY other box remaining to be checked was Retirement, which was DECADES away!

I said: Crap! Is *this* going to be my LIFE for the next 30 years?! There must be MORE!!

The problem: You cannot follow someone else’s rules and expect to find YOUR inner happiness at the end of that journey.

When you’re operating according to other people’s scripts, aka “following the rules”, life is simple. The direction is clear.

You don’t have to tune into your intuition. You don’t have to be fully conscious of what you DO and DO NOT want to do, because you’re just following along with the program.

If you’re a seeker (someone who wants to maximize your personal growth and spiritual growth) your top value is feeling AUTHENTIC. You MUST live in accordance with your values, otherwise you’re miserable.

Living a life not aligned with your values – that creates midlife crises, no matter your age!

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Feeling 100% authentic and living in accordance with your values REQUIRES a clear, consistent and continuous connection to your INNER GUIDANCE.

After two decades as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that:

  • My business growth depends on my inner growth, much more than on my practical actions.
  • When I get into “SHOULD” thinking or actions, it’s not sustainable. I don’t feel authentic. I don’t enjoy what I’m doing. I second-guess myself.
  • When I’m 100% clear on my INNER GUIDANCE, the people, ideas and opportunities appear. Then the outer actions are easy. I have a ton of clarity about what to do.

Back when I was 28, I could not have foreseen the twists and turns my journey would take, from ending my marriage, to co-founding a government contracting firm, to becoming a business coach.

All my choices have brought me more in touch with who I truly am. Knowing who I am and what I’m here to do – staying in touch with my Inner Guidance – that allows me to share my genius level work with the world.

Have you had a mid-life crisis yet? Whether you’re on your first or your 4th, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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