“I’ve forgotten more about that than you will ever know”. That’s a phrase that I’ve often read in historical novels that people use when they want to put down someone else:

To me, on a positive note, that phrase sums up lifelong learners. You are so busy learning that you’ve probably forgotten more about one topic than most people ever learn on that same topic!

You’re on a lifelong journey to learn.  For you, the process is what’s most fascinating. There’s not necessarily an end point to what you are doing; you love learning for the sake of learning.

That’s powerful in many ways and it has some down sides as well. One of them is that you forget to share what you know with your clients and your community. I know for sure I’ve been guilty of this myself. I read so many books, I find this information so fascinating and then I forget to actually share it with people who need that same information!

Here are a couple tips to help you more consistently move into sharing what you know and believe me, you know a lot.

First, when you’re reading something and you think “Wow, this is so fascinating, I love this idea!” Ask yourself: “Who else do I know who would benefit from learning about this?” And then make a point to share it with them. Send them an email, connect with them on Facebook, write them a note, call ‘em up; however you want to do it but just reach out to them and say, “Hey, I was reading something the other day and I thought of you. Here what this is.” They will thank you for it and this is also super effective in terms of what’s often called a “web of appreciation” to help you stay in touch with people in your life. So, who else do I know who needs this information?

Second, ask yourself, “How can my community benefit from learning this information?” This is really the super powerful question. You’re in a business to help more people. You want to make an impact, you’re reading something that’s really grabbing your attention and it’s making an impact on you. Therefore, that same information is likely to make an impact on people in your community. You can either just share that information straight off: for example, write about it in your ezine, post about it on social media.

Finally, there’s an even more powerful strategy and that is to combine the information with your special sauce. ☺  You’ve got your own purpose that you’re passionate about, you’ve got your own message that you want to share with the world – how does this new information fit into and support that passion, that purpose that you’ve got?

These tips will help you move from just being the queen or the king of information into being a real conduit to bring that information out into the world and to really leverage your skill of learning to support you and your business.

Call to Action

As you’re learning something new and find you’re REALLY interested in the material, ask yourself these three questions:

“Who else do I know who would benefit from learning about this?”

“How can my community benefit from learning this information?”

“How can I combine this information with my unique message, to create something totally new?”

If you find that you spend a LOT of time learning and VERY LITTLE time implementing, then I invite you into a call with me, where we’ll explore what your business goals are, what’s getting in the way, and whether coaching together makes sense for you.   Simply email me at success@marcystahl.com and we’ll easily schedule your call.  Success with ease awaits you!