Have you had this experience? You’re at a buffet with a big plate in your hands and you think to yourself “I’m just going to take a teeny dab of everything”. By the time you reach the end of the buffet line, your plate is totally filled with way more than you can possibly eat!

Lifelong learners are exactly that way when it comes to information! You’ve never met a book or theory or fact that you didn’t find entertaining and potentially want to learn more about!

Being a lifelong learner can help you in your business.

  • Your passion for learning keeps you engaged. You won’t get stuck in a rut.
  • Your passion for learning keeps you enthusiastic about what you do.
  • Your passion for acquiring new strategies, techniques and ideas for your business will be directly applicable to your clients’ lives. They will receive the benefit of your learning.

Pretty powerful right?!

On the downside, your passion for learning can be like you going through that buffet line. Your desire for input is HUGE; your ability to do something with it is SMALL.

That’s the biggest problem for lifelong learners: failing to implement, being unable to take all that info and use it in your business.

Here are three questions to help you become more effective in translating your learning from an intellectual activity into something that will help your business.

  1. When you’re reading something and thinking “What a great idea!”, pause and ask yourself: How does this apply to me? However far afield from your practice that idea may seem, if it’s catching your imagination, I guarantee there’s something powerful in there to apply to your biz.
  2. How can I implement this? How can I implement this in a bigger way, more consistently? Or if it’s a new idea: How can I start to bring this into my business?
  3. The most important question: What will be the direct tangible benefits to either me as an entrepreneur or to my clients if I implement this info? If you don’t have a compelling answer (or at least the germ of something compelling), then it’s probably learning that you’re enjoying and it will not be helpful for your business.

These three questions will keep you off the treadmill of constantly reading (or listening) and acquiring more information that just comes in one ear and goes out the other, so you can get traction to implement ideas in your business.

That’s how you become a more effective learner and use that strength to support you as an entrepreneur.


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