Want to elevate your mindset and experience more peace this holiday season?

Wow, is this a time when you can be experiencing a whole spectrum of emotions!

You can go from a Hallmark moment of happiness to thinking: I am going to kill someone in about five minutes!

There’s a huge amount of stress that comes up during the holidays because you’re with a lot of people you may not see very often, everyone has extremely high expectations that may or may not match reality; and you’re doing all your work during an extremely compressed time of the year. That all can lead to a huge amount of stress.

So I want to share a tip today about how to elevate your mindset, no matter what time of year it is, and help you experience more peace during this busy time.

Let’s start with a basic principle about the connection between what you’re thinking and feeling and what you’re earning. Your mindset is directly connected to your income for sure. How does that work?

What you’re thinking and feeling determines what you say and do and most importantly, it determines what you don’t say and what you don’t do. It’s those inactions rather than actions that are probably determining most of your income right now.

How can you elevate your mindset in a quick and easy way? Really cultivate the habit of gratitude.

Fortunately this habit is simple, easy and quick!

  1. It starts out with one of my favorite episodes which is… shopping for paper supplies! Get yourself a great journal. (Anything involving paper goods, I’m so totally into.)
  2. Write down three things each day that you are grateful for during that day. They can be actions; they can be thoughts or feelings; things you did or felt; or things that other people did or felt that you witnessed.
  3. Go deeper by writing down what was meaningful to you about those particular acts or feelings. That will increase your sense of happiness.

This is a quick and easy habit, it only takes five minutes plus a great journal (or any scrap of paper you’ve got handy). It’s guaranteed to help elevate your mindset. Elevating your mindset is guaranteed to help your business. This can also bring you greater peace of mind during this busy holiday season as well.