YOUR Ideal Client is the MOST important person in your business! Here’s what I know about your Ideal Client, and WHY this is so gosh-darn important!

1.  First and foremost, their problem is EXACTLY the one you solve!  You will get your BEST results and biggest impact ONLY with your Ideal Client.  You cannot thoroughly and effectively help anyone else.  Here’s why.   

2.  Your Ideal Client KNOWS they have a problem.   Their problem has been weighing on their minds.  They care about solving it. 

Non-Ideal Clients may not even think they HAVE a problem.  Or they see it, but they’re nowhere close to fixing it.  If you’re a helper, that’s hard.  Because you meet people at networking events and think:  This person in front of me has the EXACT problem I solve!  They’d really benefit from my product or service.  But they never work with you.  Why?  Sometimes they don’t recognize that they have their actual problem.  You can’t help those people!

3.  Your IC is ready to take action to solve their problem.  They’ve been thinking about it, wondering about solutions, and then they meet YOU. 

Your non-IC is not ready to take action to solve any problem.

4.  Your IC has funds to invest in your product or service, or they’ll find the funds.  Non-ICs lack money. 

Because your IC has been thinking about their problem, and wondering about & exploring possible solutions, they UNDERSTAND the value you offer!  You do not have to do a ton of education about WHY your product or service is so important. 

Non-ICs are generally an “education project.”  They have not been reflecting on their problem; they haven’t been exploring options; so they can be oblivious to the value you offer. 

This has HUGE implications for the experience you have with these two very different groups of people!

With your Ideal Client:

LIFE IS EASY!  They’re attracted to your marketing message.  They love your philosophy and point of view.  In sales conversations, they get the value you offer.  They generally have little or no resistance to saying Yes to your offer. 

They like working with and being with you.  They will follow whatever you tell them: about actions to take, about how to use their product, etc.

WORKING TOGETHER IS A BIG WIN-WIN!  Because they LOVE you and they’re compliant with your direction, they get amazing results from working with you!  You love working with them, and they love working with you.

With your non-Ideal Client:

YOU WIND UP DOING SOME HEAVY LIFTING.  They like you, but they don’t really love you.   They kind of want the results you offer, but they’re not 100% committed.  In sales conversations, they’ll have resistance to working together, often due to money or time concerns. 

Since they’re not 100% committed to their work with you, they tend to NOT follow your directions.  Which means they get only OK results, not the amazing results of your Ideal Client.  Creating only OK results – that’s not satisfying for you or for them!

I’ll share in my next post EXACTLY how this translates into your business INCOME and growth! 


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Focusing on your Ideal Client, for all your marketing and sales, is CRITICAL to grow your business.