Do you have this problem I often see in my clients? You have a goal of building your business through referrals and you have clients who love your work. The problem is that you’re not consistently asking those same clients for referrals.

See if some of these common themes are getting in your way:

“Well let’s see, I want to ask my client for referrals but I’m worried that if I do it while we’re still working together, I’m going to sound too sales-y or too pushy. So I need to wait until we’re through working together. But wait, when we’re done working together, then I feel weird about getting back in touch with them and asking them to refer someone to me.”

Figuring out when to ask is tricky, then how do you ask?

Particularly if you’re someone who’s not comfortable with languaging what you want, then you may be completely at a loss about how to ask for referrals in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y or pushy to either of you.

Asking your colleagues for referrals can also be confusing. How do you ask this in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y? And how do you even know if they’re in touch with any of your ideal clients? That starts to feel confusing.

A final theme that sometimes comes up is related to the kind of work that you do. Some clients state, “Gosh my work is so powerful but it’s really hard to describe, so how can I even describe it in order to ask for referrals?”

If this is sounding like you, if you’ve got clouds of confusion going on around referrals, let me assure you there is a way out of this.

There is an easy step-by-step process that I am looking forward to guiding people just like you through along with my wonderful colleague, Jennifer Zwiebel.

We’ve created a group training program that’s designed to make you referral master!

You can see all the details at

We’ll take you through all of the steps so that you can learn when to ask, who to ask and how to ask and create the systems to help you implement that so that you’re not doing this by the seat of your pants and doing it differently with every person that you meet.

Again, you can find out all the details at

I know you’re doing great work with your clients or your customers or your team members, whatever your business is.

I want to share with you one quick tip from what we’re going to talk about in the program. This tip is just the top inch of the iceberg when it comes to referrals because there’s a ton of great content here.

Here’s the quick tip that will let you start asking for referrals immediately.

When one of your clients compliments you on the work that you’re doing with them, you can easily say: “Thank you so much. I so appreciate the opportunity to work with you to ___________.” And you fill in the blank with what you’re helping them with.

For example, “I so appreciate the opportunity to work with you to help you increase your health and vitality, to help you build your business. I’m looking to add two more clients in to my business in the next month. I’d love to add two more people just like you. I’m wondering if you know someone just like you who’s also looking to ___________.” (you fill in the blank the same way you did with your client, e.g., increase their health and vitality or build their business). And then just pause and wait for the answer.

Your clients know you, love your work, they trust you, they are ready and willing to refer to you – you just have to start asking. This is a quick and easy way to get that process underway. To help you go even deeper in that, check out If you have any questions about the program or whether it’s right for you, feel free to email me: and we’ll easily address them. I look forward to connecting with you again.


The above quick tip, about how to start asking for referrals NOW, only works when you start using it.

  1. Customize this to YOUR situation by adding in how you help people and how many new clients you want.
  2. Write it out on an index card and put it close to wherever you “see” your clients (by your phone or computer, in your office).
  3. Try it at least once in the next 5 days! Repeat as often as you can.

If you’d like MORE support on creating language and systems to help you become a referral master – someone who easily asks for and RECEIVES referrals – then please join Jennifer and me in our Get More Referrals Now! Program at