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Sales Skills Workshop

When it comes to you and sales, do you:

  • Wonder how to be authentic to yourself and influential with others?
  • Worry that sales REQUIRES you to be pushy or over-bearing?
  • Feel more comfortable talking about data vs. being persuasive?

Most likely your work involves some element of sales: from selling your own product/service, to selling yourself in an interview, to supporting a sales team.

The sooner you find your way to feeling authentic and aligned in a sales role, the better for your career!

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the value for you and your customer when you are effective at sales. We’ll also explore the difference between effective selling vs. what coming across as pushy (and how you can avoid that!).

You’ll leave with specific questions and strategies you can start practicing immediately, to improve ALL relationships (because all relationships have a component of sales in them). And you’ll more confident and authentic, and much less queasy, as you consider your role in selling a product or service.

TO REGISTER – call City Club at 919-834-8829; you can pay when you arrive.  They serve a fabulous lunch!

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