Do you know what YOUR strengths are? 

I meet so many people who have no idea why other people are attracted to them or why they excel at certain tasks.  The answers all lie in your strengths!

Here are the top 3 reasons why it’s CRITICAL to know your strengths.

1.  You gain confidence.  Your strengths are innate and come to you easily.  When you know you can rely on them, that gives you more confidence that you can perform at a high level.

2.  When you can verbalize your strengths to prospects and team members, you become MAGNETICALLY attractive to them.  They understand how your strengths can support THEM in the work you do.

3.  You should get paid the most for what comes to you most easily.   Using your strengths is effortless.  It’s like being right or left-handed; you don’t have to think about which hand to use; you just use it.  Same thing with your strengths.  They flow out of you effortlessly!

Knowing your strengths and being able to verbalize them gives your more confidence, makes you more attractive to prospects and helps you get paid the most for your work.