This is the first of several videos and ezines about how to become more client-attractive in your marketing and increase your ability to convert prospects into clients (or team members if you’re a direct seller).

Today’s ezine is about how your strengths make you magnetically attractive to your Ideal Client.

Your Ideal Client is the person who you MOST want to work with vs someone who walks in off the street and is kind of interested in your work.  Your Ideal Client is receptive to your message; pays you joyfully and they value your work.

Your Ideal Client (and your Ideal Team Member) will be attracted to you in part because you two share certain strengths in common. Initially, I was skeptical about this idea that you will ALWAYS share something in common with your Ideal Client.  Now I have data from my clients and programs, and I see that every client who comes to me shares some of my own strengths.  The same is true for you.

When you share your strengths in your marketing, your Ideal Client will immediately see what you two have in common.   What you two have in common gives them a sense of comfort, familiarity and security. That makes it easy to say YES to your offer.

The strengths you don’t share with your Ideal Client will be equally important.  Those are super-attractive to your Ideal Client (and your Ideal Team Member) because you help them get experiences they can’t get on their own.  For example, if you’re really good at creating clarity or creating systems, you probably attract people who lack clarity or really need systems.  If you’re adaptable or flexible, you’ll attract people who are a bit more rigid and they value the flexibility that you offer.

Your Ideal Client needs your different strengths to help them create experiences or results they cannot get on their own!  They need access to those experiences that they have a hard time creating on their own.  They get access through YOU.

Sharing more of your strengths in your marketing is huge for your branding.  It helps differentiate you from others in your field.  You’ve probably asked yourself: How do I describe how my work or service is different from what Suzy does?  The answer comes from what you do and HOW you do it, and that comes your strengths!


Remember: your strengths make you more magnetically attractive to your Ideal Client and your Ideal Team Member because of what you have in common AND because of what you don’t have in common.

And your strengths help you differentiate yourself from others in your field.

Those are two excellent reasons to bring your strengths into your marketing and selling!

In my next ezine, I’ll cover how you share your strengths in your marketing and what that means, on a practical level.