This is the second of several videos and ezines about how to become more client-attractive in your marketing and sales.  This increases your ability to convert prospects into clients (or team members if you’re a direct seller).

WHY does sharing your strengths in your marketing make you magnetically attractive to your Ideal Client/Team Member?  When you share the strengths that you and your Ideal Client/Team Member have in common (and you definitely have strengths in common!), you give your Ideal Client/Team Member a feeling of comfort and security.  When you share differing strengths, your Ideal Client/Team Member gets excited because your differing strengths will help them access experience they can’t get on their own.

You can see more about this in video 1 of this series.  Watch it here now.

Given that sharing your strengths attracts your Ideal Client/Team Member, HOW do you it?

If you’re a direct seller, one way to share your strengths is to talk about how they apply to your customer’s experience.  With a hostess or anyone at a party– talk about the customer experience you provide.  That’s one way you differentiate yourself from others in your field.

This is a perfect place to talk about your strengths in your customer service approach.  Are you detail-oriented and will track all the details?  Is it important to you to follow up with each order and make sure they’re totally satisfied?  Do you value creating a fun lively party experience?  These are all examples that are important to your hostess.  This is information that helps her feel more secure and gets her more energized about the experience you’ll provide and how much you’ll take care of that she doesn’t have to.

If you’re an entrepreneur, sharing your strengths in your marketing rests primarily on your copy: which is anything in writing: your web site, flyer, brochure, business card.  These are all places to bring up more of your strengths.  Just like in the direct seller example, you want to keep it extremely client focused because we’re all on WII-FM (what’s in it for me)Your Ideal Client wants to hear about how your strengths will improve or enhance their lives in some way.

Keep the focus on your Ideal Client in your copy.  For example, if you’re highly intuitive and empathetic, then you’re really good at understanding how people feel and helping them verbalize that.  Remember that some of your clients can’t do that.  They’re barely conscious of what they’re feeling and they have a really hard time describing it.  When you talk to prospects or clients, you can say “One of things I’m really good at is sensing how my clients are feeling and helping them verbalize that.  How do you see that supporting you?”

That’s an example in your live conversation.  You can do something similar in your copy.

These examples also show that sharing your strengths doesn’t have to be long and lengthy.  You don’t have to write a chapter in a book.  You’re simply sprinkling your strengths in your copy and your conversations with prospects and clients.

Stay tuned for my next video, about how to bring your strengths into your selling process.