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Living In Your Strengths Gives You Great Boundaries

Great leaders share their strengths and weaknesses with their followers.  Great leaders are transparent about who they are.

There’s a close relationship between your strengths and your boundaries with other people.

When you’re living in your strengths, they give you an “inner GPS” that helps you feel what is right for you and what’s not so right.

That inner GPS is important in helping you prioritize your time and energy.

When you aren’t living in your strengths, you lack that inner GPS.  When other people ask you to do things, you say Yes more often than you want to.

Then you end up expending a lot of your time and energy on someone else’s goals, instead of your own goals.

The result: you feel tired, unhappy, angry, and ultimately overwhelmed by the amount of work you’re doing for other people.


If you’re a solopreneur or direct seller, and you want to  cultivate your inner GPS and claim your boundaries, so you can get moving on YOUR goals in 2014,

then I invite you to discover your strengths and language them so you can share them with prospects, team members and clients.

Over 5 weeks, I’ll help you DISCOVER your strengths through assessments and CREATE LANGUAGE to describe them to prospects, team members and clients.  I intend to help you

  • Gain confidence
  • Experience much better conversion of prospects into team members or clients
  • Feel more authentic as a leader!

All the details are here.  We’ve just gotten underway; there is plenty of time for you to join in.

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