Pay Attention to Your Self-Talk

WHAT is your “self-talk”?  It’s what you say to yourself, about yourself, either out loud or silently.   

WHY is this important?  The BEST gauge of whether you have an abundant mindset (or one of lack) is the positivity (or negativity) your self-talk.  People with a strong mindset consistently speak to themselves in a positive manner.  If you have a poor mindset, you constantly judge yourself and you find yourself wanting.

Your mindset and your self-talk match each other, in terms of positivity (or lack thereof).

Because there’s such a close connection between your self-talk and your mindset, BOTH influence each other.

That means that if you want to RAISE your mindset (and I hope you do, no matter how positive it is right now), then you can easily start right this minute by improving your self-talk.

How do you change your self-talk?

Stay positive, or at least neutral.  Never go negative.  That means shifting from “I’m such an idiot” to “Gosh, that didn’t work out.  I wonder what’ll work better next time?”

Speak yourself as you would speak to your best friend.  If you wouldn’t tell your best friend that she’s a pig, do not tell yourself that either.

Speak to yourself with love. 


  • Pay attention to your self-talk.  Really listen to what you’re saying to yourself.
  • How can you make what you hear more positive?
  • Keep the filter of your best friend (or even better, a child) in your mind.  Do not say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a 2nd-grader.

The sooner you elevate your self-talk, the sooner you’ll make your mindset even more abundant.  And an abundant mindset is key to a thriving business and a thriving YOU!