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Great Leadership Means Transparency About Your Strengths!

Great leaders share their strengths and weaknesses with their followers.  Great leaders are transparent about who they are.

A lot of women find it hard to own their strengths, much less talk about them, and that makes it hard to be a top leader!

I see 4 phases of dealing with your strengths:

1.  Denial/minimization.  When people compliment you on your strengths, you may deny it “That’s not a big deal.  What I did wasn’t truly important.”  You may wonder “Doesn’t everyone else do it that way?”  And the answer is NO – no one else has your particular strengths and abilities!

2.  Awareness.  “Oh, this is me using my strength here. I see how my empathy shows up. That’s cool.”

3.  Ownership.   “I own this and I can make conscious choices about who to use it with and when to use it.”

When you’re unconscious about your strengths, you can easily be overusing or underusing them.

The overusing comes from using your strengths with everyone all the time, even in situations where it’s not a match. For example, if it’s easy for you to see the potential in people, the overuse of that looks like you invest a lot of energy into people who’ve repeatedly demonstrated that they do not wish to change or grow.

4.  Leverage.  You can go beyond the conscious use of your strengths in the moment to really planning ahead and being strategic about using your strengths.

You can ask yourself questions like, “How can my strengths support me to move up to the next level? What’s the best use of those strengths to really help me recruit an extra person each month? What’s the best use of my strength to really support me to shift my marketing?”


If you’re a solopreneur or direct seller, and you’ve been trapped in the minimization or awareness phase of your strengths, and you see the connection between your strengths and your leadership then I invite you to discover your strengths and language them so you can share them with prospects, team members and clients.

One of my gifts is helping people identify and describe their strengths, and I want to help YOU do that!

Over 5 weeks, I’ll help you DISCOVER your strengths through assessments and CREATE LANGUAGE to describe them to prospects, team members and clients.  I intend to help you

  • Gain confidence
  • Experience much better conversion of prospects into team members or clients
  • Feel more authentic as a leader!

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