Is there a problem in your life? Something big or annoying, that you’ve been wishing and praying would disappear from your life ASAP?girl in pink coat

Maybe you’ve been thinking:

  • If only I were more self-confident then I could really market my work….
  • If only I had more money then I could get the training or support I need…
  • If only the world understood the value of what I have to offer, so I wouldn’t need to market it…

We often hope those kinds of obstacles would just disappear.

Here’s a news flash: The miracle is waiting for you now! And it’s just on the flip side of the obstacle!

How can THAT be?

It’s because the obstacle and the miracle are intimately bound together, like the front and back of a coin.

To reach the miracle, you have to go THROUGH the obstacle. If the obstacle magically disappeared, which is most often what we hope for, so would the miracle.

You can move through the obstacle and find the miracle you so want by creating a change in your perception. I love the phrase Marianne Williamson so often uses in her prayers: “Let me put myself on the altar, that I may be altered.” This means allowing yourself a shift in perspective, where you can create a new way to look at the situation.

Ask yourself: What is the lesson contained in this situation? What do I need to learn?

Notice how different that is from asking yourself: What is some new way that can I avoid thinking about or feeling this?

Another aid to helping you shift your perception is to stop complaining about your obstacle, to yourself or to others. You no longer have permission to spend time worrying about it.

Once you have a new way of looking at the situation, you’re now in a position to actually take some action.

Ask yourself:

  • Who do I need to be, in order to handle this situation?
  • What capabilities do I need?
  • What actions make sense to take now?

The gift you gain from this work, the miracle you receive, is a change in yourself: in your perceptions and in your abilities. The world may not change, but you certainly can.

Your change is what’s going to bring even more of the bigger, more authentic you into this world. And you can then in turn bring more of your passionate purpose into the world and connect with even more people.

So the next time you find yourself hoping someone or something would disappear, look at that situation as an opportunity, an opportunity for you to create the miracle you need right then.

Remember, there is one path to the miracle, and it’s straight into and through the obstacle.


Do you have an obstacle you’ve been asking the universe or a higher power to remove? If so, I recommend that you:

  1. Ask yourself: “What lesson is contained within this for me to learn?”
  2. Shift your thinking from “This is a problem” to “Here is my big opportunity.”
  3. If you’re in a helping profession, apply your OWN tools to your issue.

If you have trouble finding the lesson and moving into the miracle, then I recommend a complimentary 45-minute Success Strategy Session with me. Together, we’ll explore your goals, what’s getting in the way, and how to move forward. You are never under any obligation – this is my gift to you! You can email me at and we’ll easily schedule a time for your Success Strategy Session.

Here’s what one Success Strategy participant had to say about their experience.

“I felt that the time that we spent discussing my business and where I am poised to go with it was worth every minute. You know what you are doing and it is obvious that you have spent many hours (probably as obsessively as I have) in developing your services/product in to a truly elegant offering.

I SOOOO appreciate the investment of your time and expertise in this little mini-session. It has already paid off, as far as starting to redirect my thought patterns and my expectations.”

Gwynne C. Mason, Owner
Jessie’s Fibrenomicon, LLC
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