By now I’ve shared 3 videos with you about increasing your client attraction and increasing your ability to convert prospects into clients; all that in a simple easy way by bringing your strengths into your marketing and selling.

In the last video, on how to bring your strengths into your selling conversation, I shared a simple formula about HOW to describe one of your strengths and connect that to the experience or results your Ideal Client/Team Member will have with you.

Just as I shared in the example, in fact, one of my strengths TRULY is helping women amp up their marketing and increase their client attraction.  The way this has worked for my past clients is

  • One of my direct selling clients tripled her income.
  • A solopreneur client who’s a body worker and coach with an 11-year business attracted more clients and had her best year of income ever!

Since you’re part of my community, I know you’ve got a big goal this year to help more people.  Imagine if we applied my strength, of amping up your marketing and increasing your client attraction, to your business.  How could my strength of helping you increase your marketing and client attraction, support you to achieve your goal?

If you’re ready to connect with more people, increase your client attraction and make more income, then I invite you into a complimentary, no-pressure one-on-one call with me.  On this call, we’ll go deep into your goals, what’s getting in your way, and we’ll explore whether the two of us working together is a good fit, for both of us.  I’m not attached to any outcome on these calls.

This call is right for you if:

  • You’re self-motivated and you have a strong spiritual focus.
  • You feel a strong calling in your work.  You are PASSIONATE about what you do!
  • Your passion for your work is up here; your income is down here.
  • You’re sick of feeling stuck at your current income level.  Or if you’re a leader, you’re sick of your current team size.  Whether it’s your income or your team, it’s not enough and you want MORE. 
  • You want more clients or team members, more income, more fun and more confidence!

This call is not right for you if you’re willing to keep on keeping on the way things are and you’re basically OK with your status quo.

Here’s how to get on my schedule for a private complimentary call with me. 

Fill out one of the applications below.

It’ll come straight to me and my trusted virtual assistant, Melissa.  Melissa will get back to you w/in 1 business day to set up your next step with me.

That’s it!

To quote Albert Einstein: “Nothing happens until something moves.”

In your business, what has to move is YOU.

If you’re ready to move, in order to receive different results from what you’ve had so far, then I invite you to fill out the application below.  That’s all it takes to get started.

I so look forward to connecting with you!